Lot başına 12 parça adım motor 17HM13-0316S L 34mm Nema17 0.9 ° 0.31 ile Bir 15.8 N. cm ve tek kutuplu 6 kurşun teller
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Lot başına 12 parça adım motor 17HM13-0316S L 34mm Nema17 0.9 ° 0.31 ile Bir 15.8 N. cm ve tek kutuplu 6 kurşun teller

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  NEMA17 stepper motor 17 HM13-0316 S   0.9 degree,  0.31 A,  15.8 N.cm  (12 pieces per lot)   The 17 HM 0.9° Stepper Motor have more precise than 17 HS 1.8° Stepper Motor, With the highest possible torque and also small dimensions (42 x 42 mm) the 17 HM Hybrid Stepper Motor offers high resolution and is employed with economically priced drives for precision applications. These series Hybrid Stepper Motor offer a great value without sacrificing quality and were designed to offer the highest possible torque while minimizing vibration and audible noise. A broad line of Hybrid Stepper Motor windings and stack lengths are available off-the-shelf, or the motors can be customized to fit your machine requirements. We can customize the winding to perfectly match your voltage, current, and maximum operating speed for maximum flexibility.    Main Application : Inject printers, Analytical and Medical Instruments, Textile Equipment, Embroidery Machine, Precision Telescope Positioning Systems, High Speed Dome Camera and Robotic           Notice :   1 : Please kindly confirm with the online sales about the stock availability, before the order, even though 90% of the model are all in stock this will save you valuable time. 2 : For bulk order that above 50 pieces, please kindly contact online sales to get the more discount or better money-saving shipping proposal ~       Like it ?   ——You can save it into your  FAVORITE LIST now~       To pay later ?   ——You can add it into your SHIPPING CART now ~          The basic information about the stepper motor : A stepper motor (or step motor) is a brushless DC electric motor that divides a full rotation into a number of equal steps. The motor's position can then be commanded to move and hold at one of these steps without any feedback sensor (an open-loop controller), as long as the motor is carefully sized to the application.   Switched reluctance motors are very large stepping motors with a reduced pole count, and generally are closed-loop commutated.   Fundamentals of operation DC brush motors rotate continuously when voltage is applied to their terminals. Stepper motors, on the other hand, effectively have multiple "toothed" electromagnets arranged around a central gear-shaped piece of iron. The electromagnets are energized by an external control circuit, such as a microcontroller. To make the motor shaft turn, first, one electromagnet is given power, which magnetically attracts the gear's teeth. When the gear's teeth are aligned to the first electromagnet, they are slightly offset from the next electromagnet. So when the next electromagnet is turned on and the first is turned off, the gear rotates slightly to align with the next one, and from there the process is repeated. Each of those rotations is called a "step", with an integer number of steps making a full rotation. In that way, the motor can be turned by a precise angle.     Types There are four main types of stepper motors :   1 : Permanent magnet stepper (can be subdivided into 'tin-can' and 'hybrid', tin-can being a cheaper product, and hybrid with higher quality bearings, smaller step angle, higher power density) 2 : Hybrid synchronous stepper 3 : Variable reluctance stepper 4 : Lavet type stepping motor   Permanent magnet motors use a permanent magnet (PM) in the rotor and operate on the attraction or repulsion between the rotor PM and the stator electromagnets.

Holding Tork:
15.8 N.cm
Akım / Faz:
0.31 A
Step Açısı ( derece):
0.9 Degree
Model Numarası:
34 mm
Step Angle Accuracy:
±5% (When no loading and full step)
Resistance Accuracy:
Inductance Accuracy:
Insulation Resistance:
100 ohm Min 500VDC
Dielectric Strength:
500VAC for one minute
Shaft Radial Play:
0.02 Max (450g load)
Shaft Axial Play:
0.08 Max (450g load)
Lead Wire: